Ark Origins [Ragnarok] 3x Rates [Oldschool]

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[PC SERVER] ArkOrigins 3x / Oldschool / / ORP / LongTerm / NoMods / 3 Man / PVP / No Genesis or Extinction / 3 Map Cluster / Community Owned / Vanilla stats / STEAM /


- Experience, Taming and Harvest: 3

- Clustered Maps: TheIsland, Aberration, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok.

- Baby Raising: 3x - Mating Intervals: 0.5x

- Tribe Limit: 3Man

- Max Dino level: 150 (Vanilla)

- No Mods, Player and all other setting vanilla.

- Prime meat and wyvern milk stacks to 3x.

Dino Settings

Disabled creatures: Carcharodontosaurus, griffins, all tek variants.

Disabled from being tamed: Titanosaur, Giga, Rock elementals.

Stegos are also disabled(Currently fixing plugin)


CrossServer chat

Allows players to chat between clustered servers.

Auto Engrams

Learns all normal engrams but not tek ones.


ORP Plugin

Structure Damage Reduction 90%

Turret Damage x3

Activation time 10 Minutes

Penalty Time: 4 Minutes Adds time if getting raided while trying to log off, 4 minutes will be added.


ShowORPCommand: /showorp

SetORPCommand: /setorp

RemoveORPCommand: /removeorp

Connection Links

The Island: steam://connect/

Ragnarok: steam://connect/

Scorched Earth: steam://connect/

Aberration: steam://connect/


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you online.



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